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Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine hails from Carnegie, Oklahoma and consists of members of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma.

As a drum group, Bad Medicine has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada participating in many celebrations. Often, Bad Medicine serves as Host Drum or Invited Drum, and has 'placed' in many singing contests at these celebrations. Lead singer for Bad Medicine is Mr. Phil R. (Joe Fish) Dupoint. The drum group was formed in 1987 as a hand game team. That same year, the group was invited to Red Earth to sing and used 'Bad Medicine' as their name and has maintained that name ever since. The boys participate in powwows, 49er’s, hand games, and are also very active in the Kiowa traditional and cultural activities. They have made numerous friends throughout their travels. These boys enjoy laughter, and enjoy making people laugh, while respecting other tribes' traditional ways.

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