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Believing that our Indigenous experience, our culture and our people hold value inspired an expansion of what Sweet Grass Records produced.  Soon calendars and books with Cree, Dene, Saulteaux and Nakota, Lakota, Dakota people became part of SGR’s story along with promotional materials.


Our books were inspired in the same way our music was. We knew Indigenous people’s history, life experiences, celebrations and achievements need to be recorded by us, in our words and with our people to capture the essence of who we are and our values. We have produced a number of high-quality Elders and veteran books, interviewing the people we work with in their own languages and often in their own communities where possible. Modern day tech has also launched us into homes all over Canada to ensure each nation can reach its family members, no matter where they are, to include their story within the books we produce.


We create calendars based on themes for your Nation or business, school or artist. Our posters, swag, stickers, display signs are all made with your brand, ideas, logos, and themes to suit the occasion, the promotion and the event you are hosting.

SGR Publishing

Contact us for details of what is available and our pricing.


Calendars - Books - Elders - Veterans - Posters - Promotional materials


History Books

Preserving History


Elders Books

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 2023 Calendar

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Indigenous Role Model 


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