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About Us

SGR Productions

Indigenous owned and operated, high quality production of Indigenous art has been the focus of Sweet Grass Records for over 25 years, starting with tape cassettes and continuing today to audio files available instantly worldwide online. This passion has brought Sweet Grass Records to work with Nelly Furtado, The Barenaked Ladies, Buffy Sainte Marie, and the Junos as well as EMI music, and earned accolades in the form of a Lifetime Contribution to Aboriginal Music Award, multiple Juno Awards and many others.


Over 200 music works have been produced under Sweet Grass Records and today we record still. Respect, tradition, an eye for quality and passion for our work define Sweet Grass Records, whose work is not only about entertainment today but also about preservation of Indigenous culture for tomorrow.

The Sweet Grass Records Team

Ted Whitecalf


Photographer Producer Publisher

Marilyn PIC.png
Marilyn Poitras

Executive Producer

Elias Poitras Whitecalf

Creative Development

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