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Kawacatoose First Nation Launching Our History: Ana Kawâhkatos kâ-kî-manitowakihtêyik onôtinikâkan

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Monday March 20 2023 4:00 pm, First Nations University of Canada, Regina SK (Multipurpose room on the main ground floor off the atrium)

The launch of Our History: Ana Kawâhkatos kâ-kî-manitowakihtêyik onôtinikâkan (Sweet Grass Records Inc.) with speakers Elder Dexter Asapace, Chief Lee-Anne Kehler, Past Chiefs Tom Dustyhorn, Darin Poorman, Dennis Dustyhorn and Senator Bill Strongarm of Kawacatoose First Nation.

Kawacatoose has a rich history to share. This collection of stories, of documents, of images and teachings are a small example of what is within this Nation’s vault of knowledge. Once you read this work and feel the beat of the Nation’s heart we hope you will be interested to know more, to visit and to learn with us about our ways, our people, our teaching and our laws.


More people have touched this work than most books in history. It is literally decades in the making, and the commitment of many people who wanted to retain, revive and to share the stories within. It is a work of love and passion for the story of Kawacatoose and the people.

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